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Are we getting the most out of technology?

Technology has always been intended to save us time, presumably to improve our lives.  Yet our response to so many of the tools we’ve created in recent years has been to become more frantic, more hurried, and less satisfied than ever before.

It’s no real surprise that we’ve taken technology to its extreme:  we’ve had plenty of practice with excess over the years.  We’ve done the same, for example, with mass food production. In our aim to ensure cheaper and greater access to food, we lost the art and process of the human touch in farming, butchering, and baking by exploiting preservatives and cheap ingredients.  24-hour access to stocked shelves has led to epidemics of diabetes and obesity.

In the case of food, we’ve recently begun the battle of getting a handle on balance between access and quality.  We’re finally starting to rebel against the “progress” in the food industry by taking control of mass-audience constant consumption and expanding access to a better product.  We are recognizing that food is intended for our nourishment, enjoyment, and longevity.

In the case of technology, however, we’re still floundering in the overindulgence phase: in many ways we seem swamped by the very thing that was designed to give us freedom and flexibility.

Could we use technology more effectively?

Diets don’t work with food, and they won’t work with technology.  Instead, we need to define more concretely what the gadgets are for in the first place and take control of them to meet our needs. The purpose technology should serve in our lives is to give us the ability to decide when to work and where to work. Used effectively, technology can give us the ability to meet both our work obligations as well as our personal obligations, at a time and in a place of our choosing.

Once we realize that the remarkable advances in technology over recent years can give us the mobility and flexibility to restructure our lives and re-prioritize, we will begin to get a handle on the frenzy and start using the tools more wisely. Learn more about some of the tools available to change the way that work gets done.