Change Agents

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Who is working to change the status quo?

People all around the world are talking about how to rethink the workplace with long-term economic and environmental sustainability in mind. Visit these sites to learn more. Get involved.

A Better Balance. A Better Balance’s legal team is fighting for policies designed with modern workforce demographics in mind.

Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress supports workplace policies that meet the needs of the modern workplace demographic through research and advocacy.

Center for Talent Innovation. Led by economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, CTI is a non-profit think tank that drives research on diversity and talent management.

The Center for WorkLife Law. The Center for WorkLife Law was the first law school center focused on work-family conflict. With each of its core projects, the Center aims to produce specific and concrete workplace change within a three-to-five year time frame.

The new economics foundation. A UK-based think-tank, nef is challenging conventional thinking on economic, environmental, and social issues and helping to create strategies for change.

U.S. Green Building Council. With 77 chapters and 13,000 member organizations, USGBC is working to change the way that buildings are designed and operated, with environmental and community needs in mind.