Change Agents

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Who is working to change the status quo?

People all around the country are talking about how to modernize the workplace by increasing access to paid leave. Visit these sites to learn more. Get involved.

9to5. For the past 40 years, 9to5 has been working to improve the workplace for women and families.

A Better Balance. A Better Balance’s legal team is fighting for policies that help give American workers the time and flexibility they need to care for their families.

Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress supports workplace policies that meet the needs of the modern workplace demographic through research and advocacy.

Family Values @ Work. This network of 20 state and local coalitions is helping to promote paid sick days in 16 states.  In all, their coalitions represent a nonpartisan group of more than 1000 grassroots organizations.

National Partnership for Women & Families. Leading a coalition of 150 organizations committed to changing sick leave policies, this organization is committed to pursuing a national standard around paid sick leave.

Take Back Your Time. A joint U.S./Canadian initiative, Take Back Your Time is a Seattle-based coalition working to improve access to paid vacation time and family leave.

Working Mother Research Institute. For 25 years, Working Mother has been a leader in researching the issues impacting working moms. The Working Mother Best Companies initiatives inspire companies nationwide to implement policies that are good for their female employees and good for business.