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Do you have a flexible work schedule?

Does your employer recognize that you work best when your schedule is flexible? Are they open to having you work from wherever you are most productive? Do they have an office space that gives you privacy when you need it, and collaborative space for brainstorming? That’s great news. Help your employer get recognized for making strong choices that support the needs of their employees and that build a better business:

Do you think workplace flexibility should become the new normal?

Whether you have a flexible schedule or not, do you think workplace flexibility should become the new normal? Do you think all employers should improve productivity by allowing their employees to work the way that’s best for them? Do you think employers should trust their employees to make decisions about how to prioritize their time?

“Providing employees with flexibility and family-friendly programs is more than a ‘nice to have’ fringe benefit; it’s critical to our success. Research shows that a flexible workplace leads to more productive and engaged employees, and we have seen this time and again.”
- KPMG Chairman and CEO Timothy Flynn

Here are some ways you can help make change:

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