Change Agents

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Who is working to change the status quo?

People all around the country are talking about how to modernize the workplace through increased flexibility. Visit these sites to learn more. Get involved.

A Better Balance. A Better Balance’s legal team is fighting for policies that help give American workers the time and flexibility they need to care for their families.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The Sloan Foundation has funded extensive research on challenges facing the workplace, workforce, and working families.

Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress supports workplace policies that meet the needs of the modern workplace demographic through research and advocacy.

Center for Work and Family at Boston College. The Center for Work and Family has recently conducted a study of model programs for the implementation of flexible work arrangements.

Corporate Voices for Working Families. Recognized by the White House as a leader in its field, Corporate Voices conducts research on the impacts of workplace flexibility on workers and managers, and publishes practical toolkits to help implement and request flexibility programs at work.

CultureRX. Started by two corporate executives, CultureRX promotes a a Results-Oriented Work Environment (ROWE) management strategy that focuses on getting work done, not getting hours logged.

Families and Work Institute. A nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank, FWI studies the U.S. workforce, with the goal of supporting data-driven solutions to workplace challenges.

Flex+Strategy Group | Work+Life Fit. For nearly twenty years, FSG/WLF has been guiding employers to implement flexible strategies that meet their business needs and helping employees to find their unique “work+life fit”.

Global Workplace Analytics. A consulting and research organization, Gloal Workplace Analytics has developed a variety of whitepapers and webinars synthesizing research on telework and flexible work options. They help businesses and communities make the case for new workplace strategies and offer a customizable Telework Savings Calculator to quantify the benefits of a work-from-home business model.

Institute for Corporate Productivity. I4CP has been researching ways to increase business productivity for the past 40 years. They examine what makes high-performing companies so successful (including flexible work arrangements), and provide resources to help others follow.

Jala International. JALA founder Jack Nilles led the first telecommuting pilot project in 1973. He also coined the terms “telework” and “telecommute” that same year. Since then, through his consulting firm JALA, he has been helping Fortune 100 firms develop telecommuting programs that support their strategic goals. JALA has also advised on public sector  telecommuting projects in Arizona, California, and Washington, as well as in Europe and Latin America.

Life Meets Work. Life Meets Work partners with corporate clients to improve employee performance and build more effective businesses.

Third Path Institute. Founder Jessica DeGroot created Third Path to help people live an “integrated” life, or follow a “third path”, that combines success at work with fulfillment outside of work.

U.S. Department of Labor | Office of Disability Employment Policy. ODEP develops and influences policies in support of increasing the employment of people with disabilities.